Anyone who wishes to volunteer in the office, library, or classroom is kindly asked to  complete the Austin Partners in Education background check .

Background checks are FREE and usually only take a few days to process. Thank you so much for supporting the Cunningham Cobras! 🐍

 Lunch Monitors Needed

Help is needed with assisting students as they go through the lunch line and also monitoring students as they are in the lunch room. This allows teachers to have a full lunch break themselves. 

To sign up, click here.

    Library Help Needed

Our librarian is in need of help throughout the week with shelving books and other tasks. 

To sign up, click here.


Have a free hour or two to spare during the week? Teachers are always in need of copy help and help with other office tasks.  

COPY DAYS are Tuesdays and Thursdays, but of course, the school is grateful for help any day of the week!  

To sign up, click here.